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BILL DOWDNEY joined Paramco and TPM in 1983 and has been in the plastic and elastomer industries since 1973. He has a BS degree from the University of Cincinnati in business administration. In 1973 he joined Cincinnati Milacron as an inside sales engineer. In 1978 he went to work for NRM Corp. as a blow molding and extrusion machinery field salesman. He covers the southwestern corner of Ohio and West Virginia. 
Phone: 513.227.3100
Email: bdowdney@aol.com

MARLOWE BONNER joined Paramco and TPM in 1994. He has a BA from Michigan State University. He had twenty-four years of office management, purchasing, manufacturing management and sales management experience prior to joining Paramco and TPM. Marlowe covers the state of Michigan. 
Phone: 313.600.6837
Email: mbmarbon@aol.com

TERRY FREUDEMAN joined Paramco and TPM in 2005 and has been in the plastic and elastomer industries since 1995. He graduated from the University of Akron. He is a former regional sales manager with Davis Standard and a sales representative for Kobelco Stewart Bolling and Karder Rubber Machinery. Terry covers the northern third of Ohio, and the northern half of western Pennsylvania. 
Phone: 330.283.1344
Email: tfreudem@neo.rr.com

JIM LAND joined Paramco and TPM in 2006 and has been in the plastic and elastomer industries since 1981. He attended Butler University, and has been selling capital equipment to the plastic’s industry for over 25 years. During his career he has co-founded and started up two sales rep agencies. Jim covers the entire state of Indiana. 
Phone: 317.753.9595 
Email: jimary2@msn.com

ERIC DOWDNEY joined Paramco and TPM in 2014.  Eric attended the University of Cincinnati and has worked in the construction and food industries.  Eric will be covering the entire state of Kentucky.
Phone: 513.236.0297
Email: edowdney@hotmail.com



Paramco, Inc. and Tosko Plastic Machinery are sales representative agencies for equipment manufacturers in the plastics industry. Paramco focuses on the extrusion, compounding, recycling, and blow molding industries, and Tosko Machinery focuses on the injection and compression molding industries. Paramco was founded by Bob Hills in 1976, and Tosko Machinery was founded by Bill Tosko in 1982.

Paramco & Tosko
Home Office: 513.732.1000
Fax: 513.732.0074