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About Paramco

Paramco, Inc. & Tosko Plastic Machinery, Inc. 
170+ years of combined sales experience

Paramco was founded by Bob Hills in 1976 as a sales agency for machinery in the plastics extrusion industry.

Bill Tosko joined Bob in 1982, and formed Tosko Plastic Machinery which focuses on machinery for the injection molding and compression molding industry.

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Paramco, Inc. and Tosko Plastic Machinery are sales representative agencies for equipment manufacturers in the plastics industry. Paramco focuses on the extrusion, compounding, recycling, and blow molding industries, and Tosko Machinery focuses on the injection and compression molding industries. Paramco was founded by Bob Hills in 1976, and Tosko Machinery was founded by Bill Tosko in 1982.

Paramco & Tosko
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